INKED Pixels - Welcome !

INKED Pixels - Welcome !

23 October 2012

Eternal Beauty - Feel it !!

Feel it !!

The 2013 Aston-Martin - Vanquish painted in Photoshop.. Was done as a study to understand the effect of environmental lighting falling on vehicle body surface. 

Illustration Stages

7 October 2012

F - Red

F - Red

This illustration of the 1954 Lemans Ferrari is done in Photoshop as a study to understand the creation of volume by varying degrees of tonal values. These values in this case are majorly created by strong highlight and shadows.

This image is available in high resolution, those needed can request me for a copy.. Cheers ;)

F-Red Render stages

29 September 2012

BMW render –Challenge reality !!

Inaugural rendering for this Blog :)

This render was done as a study to understand the flow of reflections on vehicle surfaces.  The render was done in Photoshop, absolutely no ‘cut and paste’ and no ‘clone stamp tools’ were used in rendering the car...

BMW Render stages